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Take a look at the services we offer

We offer sensible, unhurried advice at the clinic or, when possible, by telephone, on preventative health care. We have a pragmatic approach to both diagnostics and treatments. Our objective is to inconvenience you and your pet as little as possible.

Our Services

  • Dermatology

    Flea / parasite advice & treatments. Immunotherapy for atopic dermatitis. Skin tumour removal.

  • Internal Medicine

    In house lab facilities including Seaview, in house x-ray (Seaview & Upton) ultrasound.

  • Orthopaedics

    Wide range of orthopaedic services from fracture repair, cruciate ligament repair and luxating patella correction.

  • Nurse Clinics

    Weight loss, flea & worm checks, puppy and kitten weight checks, we work closely with local charities to enable them to provide subsidised neutering.

  • Animal Health Certificates

    We are able to offer Animal Health Certificates for pet travel to the EU.

    Government guidelines can be found HERE

Pet Nutrition

Pet Nutrition

Read our guidance to the optimal diet for your pet.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Our guides to pet insurance and claims